Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Welcome to 7th Grade English!

Hello My Bold and Perspicacious New Students!

Today has been a blast getting to know you and getting to know our classroom and the ways in which we will learn and grow together.

You to hear a little bit about me, to learn a little bit about each, to speak, to use our first WORD OF THE DAY, and then to find an interesting object or quote from around our classroom.

Our word of the day today is PERSPICACIOUS. It means having a keen (good) understanding; clear-sighted.

An example of the word in a sentence is: My one-year old son, Benjamin, is sometimes not perspicacious about dangerous things--like ovens! :)

And our quote of the day is: "Be kind, for everyone you meet is engaged in a battle." (Philo) I am already looking forward to seeing you all again tomorrow!


Mr. R

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  1. I think that the purpose of writing is the following things. First, I think we write because we want to express ourselves in a different way other than art and speaking. So we can really understand what we are going through. I also think we write to give the public information on whats happening around you. For example, people who are journalist write papers on whats happening around you, wether its about your town, or about a town 4,000 miles away. In addition, we write to inform people on anything or anyone. For example writing biographies or informational writing on animals. Lastly, we write entertain readers and have them get pulled into a another world so that they can leave behind the troubles of this one. That is what I think the purpose of writing is.
    - Jack Sennott