Tuesday, September 8, 2015

What Matters Most

Today in class, we explored our English Grade 7 Syllabus (click here for an electronic version). We read aloud in pairs, practicing trading off paragraphs back and forth. You each did a great job reading aloud, and I loved hearing your voices as I sauntered around the room...

Also, we shared our five most powerful lines from The Outsiders and talked about why we accentuated those lines, and what their power is for us.

Our word of the day today is ACCENTUATE, which means to emphasize. And example of the word in a line is: My son, Tyler, began to accentuate his words differently when we lived in England for three years.

Our quote of the day is from Nobel-prize winning author Ernest Hemingway: "All you need to write is one true sentence."

Our homework for tonight is to sign the last page of the syllabus and bring it back in.

That's all!


Mr. R

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