Monday, September 21, 2015

A Truly Great Story...

Hello! Welcome back to another week of English! Today, we explored the way PLOT functions in a short story, a novel, a movie...your life! Any truly great story follows some form of plotting, and even though this plot sometimes surprises, saddens, shocks, or empowers us, it is always present.

We reviewed the five parts of PLOT STRUCTURE, and created examples in class from some of our favorite stories and books, as well as from our own lives.

Here is a photo of our board with our Plot Chart front and center:

Every great story involves events that trouble the characters within--even if we WISH the characters could have it easier, we explored how it's the difficulties and challenges that make stories truly powerful. We envisioned Harry Potter if everything had gone well for him, and realized how dull and dreary the story would be!

We also did another Quick Write where for SIX WHOLE MINUTES you each write without taking your pen or pencil off the page. Huzzah!

Our word of the day today is OMNISCIENT, which means all-knowing. My son Tyler, when he was two, thought I was omniscient...but now that he's six, he knows the truth!

(Our word from last Friday was empower, which means to give strength to or to authorize, legally.)

Our quote of the day is, "Imagination is more important than knowledge," from Albert Einstein.

Our homework for tonight is to complete a Plot Chart using your favorite book or movie. 


Mr. R

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