Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Annotating is Amazing, Awesome, Awe-Inspiring!!

Today, we jumped into one of the most important skills we'll ever practice in English class. (And in life!). It is a skill that hones our brains, fires up our hearts, turns what's normal into something BEAUTIFUL and awe-inspiring.

This skill is stronger than the Incredible Hulk.

This skill is faster than a speeding bullet.

This skill soars higher than a rocket ship.

This skill is: ANNOTATING!!!

It is our word of the day today, and it silly means TO MARK UP THE TEXT WITH NOTES AND IDEAS.

In class, we began reading and annotating this interview with author SE Hinton, and on the first page, you see an example of how Mr. Reynolds annotates. Finishing annotating anything you didn't explore in class, and remember to try and find your own style of annotating.

What matters is that you ANNOTATE as you read!! Here is a link to the interview in case you forgot it or were absent today. 

Tomorrow, we will have our Annotate-Off to see who has annotating the most in each class (but remember: not just "I like mice" -- but annotations that relate to the text! :)

What an awesome day.


Mr. R

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  1. I think annotating is awesome and a good way to keep track of the important parts of a book when writing an essay or something- CC