Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Creating Your Own World!

Today, you are all AUTHORS!

We are beginning our first formal writing assignment, in which you will each have the chance to create your own characters, setting, plot, problem, and resolution. We have been learning about the parts of a short story and the ways in which authors work to characterize both the people within their stories and the themes.

Now, welcome to the world of creation! Our project over the next couple of weeks is to form, then revise, then re-write, then revise, then revise, then revise (!) our stories to make them as powerful, vivid, and engaging as possible. I will be writing a short story with you, too!

Here is the assignment, online, so you can review it in case a strange thief managed to steal it from you (thinking that this story assignment was, of course, much  more valuable than any amount of money).

Our word of the day today is QUANDARY, which means a state of confusion. It is a noun, and here is an example of the word in a sentence: "When I was driving through the thick fog in England, I was in a massive quandary."

Our quote of the day is: "To make your unknown known--that is the important thing." --Georgia O'Keefe, artist.


Mr. R

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