Thursday, October 1, 2015

Using Symbolism to Strengthen Stories

Today, we jumped into a SYMBOLISM activity whereby we explored loads of images. For each image we saw, we wrote down word associations, emotions, and places that came to mind. As we discussed the ideas and emotions that the images brought up in our heads and hearts, we began to uncover how powerful symbolism really is--and WHY heat authors use symbolism in their fiction.

We discussed the success of Suzanne Collins's great trilogy THE HUNGER GAMES, and listed off the many symbols in the books--from the mockingjay to fire to white roses. Each symbol increases the reader's fascination with and engagement with the novel. Were we to remove all of the symbols, the story would have less power.

Tonight, your homework is to draft the first page of your own short stories. In this first page, try to incorporate at least one symbol!

The definition of SYMBOLISM (our word of the day) is: the process of using an object or an image t represent an idea or an emotion.

Our quite of the day is from author Katherine Porter: "One of the marks of a gift is to have the courage to use it."

Tonight is Parents' Night at the school, beginning in Homeroom at 6:30c


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