Thursday, October 8, 2015


Today, we began our first novel of the year: Kathryn Erskine's empowering and excellent contemporary realistic novel THE ABSOLUTE VALUE OF MIKE. It is a funny, beautiful, and poignant story about a young boy with learning difficulties in Math and the adventure he goes on to rural Pennsylvania to meet his crazy, old aunt and uncle (Poppy and Moo!)

We talked about the copyright page in a novel, various printings of a book, and the process a book goes through to reach its finished form (HINT HINT: it's all about REVISION!).

We began reading the book aloud together, today, and for homework tonight, read up through the end of Chapter 2 (through page 16).

Our word of the day was INFERENCE, which means: an educated guess.

Have an awesome night!!


Mr. R

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