Wednesday, October 14, 2015

What We Choose to Value

What a fun day!

It has been a real pleasure writing, thinking, and creating with you all today.

We began with our word of the day, SKEW, which means to go off course; slant; leave the norm. We talked about how little kids go from one point to another, but they skew constantly as they do so!

We then dove into a Quick Write for four and 1/2 minutes, writing our hearts out and making our hands sore as we thought about people we value (or any of your other creative ideas).

Then, we all gathered onto the floor in the middle of the room and I read The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds to you. We talked about how value shapes shape depending on what we choose to value.

Then, we transitioned into exploring how Past is valued in our class novel, The Absolute Value of Mike. Are we able to see more than the surface level of his homelessness?

To do so, we wrote 1st person narratives in Past's voice and perspective to try to imagine his story, and how he got to be where he is.

It was awesome!

For tomorrow, we have our fifth creative vocab quiz, with the following words: INFERENCE, RECEDE, FLOURISH, SPUTTER, SKEW.

And the due date for our short story assignment is a window this year: anytime between Friday, October 16 and Tuesday, October 20 is good.

Peace! And thanks for a fabulous day,

Mr. R

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