Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Empathy and Imagination

During our early release day today, we shared out our ideas and 1st person POV narratives regarding one of the children that we saw in a photo from Orphanage # 105 in Russia. You each created powerful and empathetic narratives regarding what life might be like, base don our reading in The Absolute Value of Mike as well as the photos that I showed and talked with you about.

In small groups of three, you read and responded to each other's writing.

Then, we did a close reading activity regarding page 135 in our novel, Mike. You each shared great insights and ideas!

Our word of the day today is ATTRIBUTE, which can be either a noun OR a verb! Whoa! As a noun, it means a quality or characteristic. As a verb, it means to explain the cause of, as in these examples:

1) (as a noun): My favorite attribute in a person is kindness.

2) (as a verb): The student attributed his "A" in Science to hard work.

Our homework for tonight is to read Chapters 17 and 18 in Mike (pp. 136 - 153).

Have an awesome evening!

Mr. R

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