Monday, October 5, 2015

Writing is All About Revision!

Today, we dove into preparations for our first, full rough drafts of our creative writing assignment: the short story. (Click here here to see the assignment again or if you left the hard copy at school.)

On Wednesday, the typed rough draft is due. Remember: this is not the draft that will be graded, but rather we will work with our drafts in class and begin the revision process. It's all about revision! Remember that most writers don't have amazing first drafts. It's only by revising that writers hone their stories and make them more powerful.

Towards that end, we reviewed this list of 13 Writing Rules that I hope you keep with you forever, an even if you should go to college, get married, go whitewater rafting, or go ice fishing, I hope you will have THIS LIST OF WRITING RULES tucked away in your back pocket.

Our word of the day today is POISE, which means a calm confidence, or balance, even in the face of great difficulty. 

We have our fourth vocab quiz tomorrow on the following words: POISE, FORMIDABLE, SYMBOLISM, QUANDARY, EXULT, and DIVULGE. You will  only need to know five of these six since we have one extra!

See you tomorrow, and peace!

Mr. R

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