Thursday, September 24, 2015

Being Who You Really Are...

As we prepare to write our very own short fiction, we explored another great story in class: Todd Strasser's "On the Bridge." In the story, we see a powerful idea from the author shown to us in vivid and action-packed scenes.

You each write some ideas and shared some commentary on whether or not you think boys need to "act tough" in our culture to earn respect. Then, we explored the story and discussed further. We talked about how Strasser's story is a commentary on current society.

Our word of the day is CHARACTERIZE, which means to describe a person or group of people. I shared how my brother, Chris, was unfairly characterizes when he was in high school because of his deafness.

For tomorrow, be sure to study for our creative vocab quiz based on these five words: ANTAGONIST, PROTAGONIST, EMPOWER, OMNISCIENT, and CHARACTERIZE, and look over our previous blog posts for help with their definitions and examples--and in your own notebooks!


Mr. R

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