Monday, September 28, 2015

A Kind of Truth...

Today, we are on a field trip at Heifer International's New England site, Overlook Farm, in Rutland, MA. We are exploring their Global Village, learning how different people groups around the world live and how they sustain their families. My group cooked a Barley-ground lunch in Tibet over a fire and we explored a host of practices and history about the region.

The other half of our grade will be visiting Overlook Farm tomorrow, and we'll continue learning this different kind of truth: the hands-on kind rather than the head and desk kind. It is a powerful thing to see and experience.

For the half of our grade that was in school today, and will be going on the trip tomorrow, you all read Joan Bauer's powerful short story about truth--a poignant symbolic kind of truth--"The Truth about Skarks."

Our word of the day was DIVULGE, which means to share or give--often pertaining to information or knowledge.

See you tomorrow!


Mr. R

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