Tuesday, September 22, 2015

A School of the Future?

Today in class, we discussed our plot charts that we created for our favorite film or books last night. (See the photo in yesterday's post for the image of a Plot Chart! Yeah!).

After exploring and sharing our charts, we then transitioned into brainstorming about what school might be like in the year 2157. You all wrote for a few minutes on your own, and then we shared ourt ideas and had a lively discussion about what might happen...

Here is our board, veritably exploding with your insights:

After crafting your own ideas and discussing, we read the short story, "The Fun They Had," by Isaac Asimov. In this science fiction short story, we see some of Asimov's predictions about school in 2157 would be like--and he wrote his story in 1951!

We talked about how different stories fit into different genres (types), and how soon YOU WILL CREATE YOUR OWN TYPED SHORT STORY, using all the examples and building blocks we're learning about now. Get ready to be an author!

Our word for the day today is PROTAGONIST, which means the main character in a story. And we talked about how YOU are the protagonist of the novel which is your life. 


Mr. R

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  1. Harold went to school and the robot teacher said please insert homework,so he did. Than the teacher gave him some math problems to work on....Jake