Friday, September 5, 2014

Writing Creatively

Today, you each took our first vocabulary quiz, which asked you to creatively write using the five words we have explored so far in our year. Remember that powerful writing is writing that evokes emotion--and make us think or feel something new or different. I am excited to read through your stories to find out how you took the prompt for our quiz today.

We also watched the opening scene from the film, The Outsiders, and discussed similarities and differences between the book and the movie.

Our word of the day was annotate, which means--simply--to mark up text with your notes and ideas!

Our quote for the day was, "I know it ain't been easy, but you found where you supposed to be. You're home," from the novel Elijah of Buxton, by Christopher Paul Curtis.

Our homework over the weekend if for you to each write one paragraph (about 5 sentences) that continues on from this prompt: If I wrote a novel, it would be about...

Have a fabulous weekend!

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