Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Lights! Camera! Dialogue!

Today, you each brought in your first page of your creative short story. You shared a favorite line from your first page, and then we explored some notes on how to write dialogue in creative fiction. For each time a different character speaks, we must use a new paragraph.  We also explored how to use punctuation around quotation marks.

Here's the photo of our board from class today to help you remember what we discussed.

Our word of the day was formidable, which can mean both impressive and / or causing great dread or fear. 

For homework, the first draft of your short story will be due next Monday. Remember that this is just your first draft, so it does not need to be perfect and revised yet. This is just what novelist Anne Lamott calls the "down draft," where you have your first crack at the story. We will revise, rewrite, and rework in the second draft.

Also, remember that tomorrow, we will meet in the library to select independent reading books, and to spend some time conferencing on your first page (or more) of your story. Have a fabulous evening!

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