Thursday, September 25, 2014

Loving the Library! And Long Live the Semi-Colon!

We journeyed on over to the library today where you each explored the selection of great MG and YA fiction, and Mrs. Segaloff and I shared some book ideas and recommendations with you. You each found books that look fascinating to you, and I am excited about our independent reading this year! Remember that if you get a decent way into the book and don't love it, check in with me and I will help you find another book you love.

We didn't have a word of the day as we were not in our classroom, but will return tomorrow and dive into another short story (this one creepy and mysterious) to help generate some ideas and possibilities as you work on your own short stories.

The first draft--the "down draft"--of your original short stories is due on Monday. And tomorrow we will also have some time to chat a little more about my absolute favorite punctuation ever: the Semi-Colon!

The Semi-Colon is a brave, formidable, perspicacious and undaunted piece of punctuation who gets ignored far too often. not so tomorrow in Room 340! Long live the Semi-Colon whose presence will grace our classroom like royalty, like joy, like a slice of pure Pumpkin Cheesecake!

Have a fabulous evening; I am looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow!

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