Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Reading Below the Surface

We've had a great two days, class, exploring story sequencing. We've looked at the five parts of a story and how it progresses: Exposition, Rising Action, Climax (Turning Point!), Falling Action, Denouement (Resolution). We explored my story of the London Marathon and how the gentleman with a canoe passed my brother and I (a canoe!).

We then tried to piece back together in the right sequence Larry Fondation's powerful short story, "Deportation at Breakfast."  In your groups, you tried to order the cut-story-pieces into a sequence that matched our five story points. Many came very, very close!

Much of Fondation's story is below the surface, and we explored the climax in the restaurant and tried to figure out why it happened based on the evidence in the story.

Our word of the day for today, was pensive, which means dreamily thoughtful. Our word of the day for yesterday was analogy, which means a connection / comparison between two normally dissimilar things.

Our quote of the day today was, "It's not that I'm smarter than everybody else; I just stay with problems longer," from Albert Einstein. Our quote of the day from yesterday was, "Comparison is the thief of joy."

For tonight, your homework is to make a story chart of a true story from YOUR own life. You can draw the chart (upside down check!) and then add a few phrases for each of the five parts of the chart that relate to your own life.

And we've got an awesome short story in store for us tomorrow! Peace!

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