Monday, February 1, 2016

Empathy and Imagination

Today in class, we explored the courage and boldness in Parvana's mother as she storms into the Taliban-ruled jail shouting vociferously, "Give me my husband!" This kind of courage is beautiful for us to behold--and it inspires us deeply.

We also read a section aloud from the book Kids of Kabul, detailing the pursuit of 14 year old Faranoz to learn to read.

Then, we jumped into a creative writing activity whereby you each began to create your own narrative for what will occur in Chapter 4. Here is the creative writing mission if you were absent or you need it again. 

For tonight, be sure to read Chapter 4 in The Breadwinner (pp. 44-62). Our word of the day today is VOCIFEROUS, which means loud and shouting or crying out.


Mr. R

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