Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Fear as a Form of Power?

Today, we are exploring how people can wield fear to gain or maintain power, as The Taliban does in our novel The  Breadwinner. First, we did a Quick Write to explore the question: Is fear always bad, or does it serve a good purpose as well?

We then had a discussion / debate regarding the uses of and interpretation of fear. You all shared powerful ideas and experiences of how fear can be a helpful, cautionary, or even inspiring thing--yet also how it can condemn and destroy.

We then connected to our text and the Taliban's use of fear as a form of control.

Our word of the day today is TACITURN, which means silent by habit. It is a synonym for another of our words, laconic.

For homework tonight, be sure to read Chapter 10 in The Breadwinner (only four pages!) and review for our vocab quiz tomorrow on the following five words: THEME, FALLACY, VOCIFEROUS, VOCATION, LUGUBRIOUS.

Have an awesome rest of your day, and peace!

Mr. R

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