Friday, January 29, 2016

Lugubrious Joy

Yesterday, I had a blast with you all as we shared stories from our childhoods of when we felt lugubrious or were in lugubrious situations...

Our storytelling exploded into loads of narratives, and there was a sense of joy as you each used the word so well and revealed fascinating (and sometimes even funny) memories of things you thought were lugubrious but in actuality were not!

We also talked, more seriously, about Parvana's situation in The Breadwinner, and how aptly her struggle fits with the darkest and hardest meaning of our word, lugubrious. Yet, her inner courage finds a way for hope to maintain life.

Today, we had our 13th Vocabulary Voyage!

For homework this weekend, be sure to read through page 43 (up through Chapter 3) in The Breadwinner by Deborah Ellis. And our word of the day for today was VOCATION which means a desire towards a certain job or career; an ideal job; a calling.


Mr. R

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