Friday, January 15, 2016

Antique Photographs and New Schools

Today, we had our creative vocab quiz whereby you used our past five words to write a compelling (and sometimes hilarious) personal narrative based on an antique photograph that you selected from our big table at the front of the room.

I can't wait to read your narratives--as I loved hearing the ones that some of you read aloud in class today!

Be sure to finish up your presentations for your IDEAL SCHOOL project by Wednesday (here is the assignment), and "share" your presentation with me by clicking the little blue button on the top right of the Google Slides screen that is called, aptly, SHARE.

On Wednesday, we will begin presenting our schools to one another. Scroll down to yesterday's post for the assignment overview and an example of a great school from last year. Additionally, because some of you said you'd love to see more examples, here are a few more ideal schools from last year!

Example 1 of an Ideal School

Example 2 of an Ideal School

Example 3 of an Ideal School

Have an awesome weekend, and see you Wednesday!


Mr. R

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