Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Of Seminars and Subtitles...

This week, we are continuing our exploration of the hero's journey--what it entails, and how protagonists deal with failure, rejection, and fear along the way.

Yesterday, after finishing our screening of the film Rudy, we had Socratic Seminar in which we explored what bravery looks like, whether it is something different for everything, and which our of characters from the year displayed bravery. Among the many great ideas I heard, I very much appreciated how you found that bravery can be either large or small--and it can be seen by others or completely unseen, under the surface. You also noted that bravery and heroism are relative--depending on what protagonists struggle with and against.

Today, we are working in groups to brainstorm and narrow down our choice for the title and subtitle of our class anthology, as well as discuss what title pages, front matter, and back matter are in a book.

Our word of the day yesterday was AUSPICIOUS, our word of the day from two days ago was INVOKE, and our word of the day for today is CHURLISH. I love hearing your sentences and stories using our words!


Mr. R

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