Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Your Own Definition of Heroism!

Today in class, we crafted thesis statements that reveal our stance about the similarities and differences between the novel Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry and its respective film version. We had a thesis statement on the board and we revised it from an average to a stellar thesis statement, by making sure that it:

1) Is specific!

2) Holds an opinion or presents a case with which another reader can argue! (remember, a thesis statement is not just a re-statement of facts, but a fresh, original, NEW idea that needs support and evidence--film clip of A Few Good Men from September!)

3) References the title and author to which we are referring!

4) Creates a map for the essay!

Then, you each crafted your own thesis statements with these qualities in mind.

Afterwards, we acted out the start of Chapter 12--the final chapter--of our novel.

For tonight, be sure to finishing reading Chapter 12. Tomorrow, we will explore what it means to be heroic. We will think about characters from ROTHMC and also from our other reading and conversation this year.

Here is the guide we'll be using as we work to create our very own definitions of what it means to be heroic. 

I am excited!


Mr. R

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