Friday, June 5, 2015

What We Hide...And Why

Wecome to the library today! Our anthology is almost complete, with special thanks to seven copy editors who stayed after school yesterday to help out. And today, we'll dive into a powerful (and deeply ironic) short story called, "Charles," by author Shirley Jackson.

First, read the story at this link.

Once you've had a chance to read the story and consider what is happening with this kindergarten student, open up a Google Document (or a Word Document if you prefer) and try your own hand at creating a brief story that utilizes a little bit of irony.

Remember that IRONY is when certain characters in a story are unaware or the reality of situations. Irony also occurs in a narrative when the reader (you! me!) knows more than the characters within the story, so that we hear about these characters and we want to shout that there is something they are missing!

Your own story can be brief. It can even be a VIGNETTE, which is a short-short story (sometimes only a paragraph long) that still has characters, a plot, and a setting.

Think about Jackson's story, and then try your hand at creating a piece that also shows the reader characters who do not know something very important--while we do!

Share your story with Mr. Reynolds via Google's "share" button before you leave the library, or send the Word Document as an e-mail attachment: LREYNOLDS@PSHARVARD.ORG.

Enjoy the story, and I am looking forward to reading YOURS!


Mr. R

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