Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Understanding the Human Heart of Conflict

Today, we began to explore the Palestine-Israel conflict together, using what you have been exploring in Social Studies as our foundation. You worked in pairs to create a page-large visual of what you already know about the conflict, and about how and why it started.

We then shared our information with one another on our classroom's whiteboards and smartboard.

This will give us the basis for our upcoming novel, Habibi, by Naomi Shiab Nye. Habibi tells the story of a teenage girl whose family relocates to Palestine from America. Throguh her eyes, we see the painful transition of life, and we watch as she and her family must learn to deal with the pain and tragedy of such deep conflict.

For tonight, be sure to find one newspaper article on the Israel-Palestine conflict and print it out (or cut it out), annotate it, and then bring it to class tomorrow. 

Some great sites to explore for credible news articles are: The New York Times (nytimes.com), The Washington Post (washpost.com), and the Wall Street Journal (wsj.com).

Our word for the day is CIRCUMNAVIGATE, which means to go all the way around something. An example of the word in a sentence would be: The explorer circumnavigated the Earth and learned remarkable lessons from people everywhere.

See you tomorrow!


Mr. R.

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  1. If you are printing an article out, does it have to be from "present day" because I found a really good one but it is from 2011?