Monday, January 12, 2015

The Effects of War...

Today, you all became art explorers and cross-cultural thinkers and even social scientists! IN pairs, you explored Picasso's famous mural, Guernica. Without knowing the artists or the painting asyou discussed it, you made insightful observations and then connected your ideas about the painting to a passage from Habibi.

I enjoyed watching you figure out what the painting might mean, and how to connect that meaning and symbolism to our class novel. Even though the themes of the painting are quite tragic, you explored how those messages can also speak hope about how suffering can be prevented.

Here is the mural of Guernica which we analyzed in class:

Our word for today linked to our discussion of Picasso's painting and also our discussion of your passages from Habibi: EMPATHY, which means the ability to imagine how someone else feels or experiences life--to walk in someone else's shoes, enabling them to not feel so alone. An example of our word in a line would be: When one person has empathy for another, it can be a life-changing difference. 

For tomorrow, we have our vocab quiz on five of the following six words: EMPATHY, CIRCUMNAVIGATE, CREDIBILITY, INTREPID, LACONIC, and MOROSE. Bring your Habibi books with you for the quiz tomorrow, as you'll need them.

Thanks for sharing your insights today; looking forward to tomorrow. 


Mr. R.

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