Monday, January 26, 2015

Synthesis Essay! (And Changing the World)

Today, we began a discussion of our next writing project: the SYNTHESIS essay! After our reading of HABIBI, we will screen a remarkable documentary entitled EMMANUEL'S GIFT, which reveals the story of Emannuel Ofosu Yeboah. Born with a deformed leg, Emmanuel's mission is to change the country of Ghana's perceptions and laws about people with physical deformities.

After we screen the film, we will begin our SYNTHESIS ESSAY (click here for the essay assignment in case you need to review it, lost a copy, or would like to use it for wrapping paper, love notes, or wall paper for your bedroom walls). 

In unison with our essay assignment, our word for the day is SYNTHESIS, which simply means the combination of two things in order to produce a new, fresh, whole thing! Yes! Think: A + B = C. An example of our word in a sentence is: my wife and I ran a half-marathon recently; alone, we would have quit, but the synthesis of our energy and hope helped us both to finish!

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