Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Synthesis Alive in the World at Large!

Today, we peer-reviewed paragraph three of our synthesis essay and then created some possibilities for how to create paragraph four.

Here is the checklist we used to revise paragraph three of our essays:

As you continue to think about your third paragraphs, check to see if you've revised according to the above questions. And then: use our vocab words within your essay this week!

As we dove into paragraph four, here are some of the possibilities we explored for how to begin the paragraph:

And the work of paragraph four gets us back into the realm of creativity. (Score!) Since we are no longer working with our class novel or the documentary for this paragraph, we need to state whether we agree or disagree with this synthesis statement using the world at large as our support!

You can use examples from your own life, from other books you have read, movies you have seen, events you have learned about in Mrs. Dyer's History class, or Mr. Holt's Science class, or Mr. Desarro's Math class. You can even create a hypothetical situation that shows why you agree or disagree.

After all, that's what Socrates did to prove his point in "Plato's Allegory of the Cave." Imagine Socrates saying to his listeners, So, let's say there's this cave, see, and everyone inside is...

Our word of the day today is CORROBORATE, which simply means to support with evidence. Be sure you corroborate your ideas in paragraph four of our synthesis essay. 

For tomorrow, be sure to have a rough draft of paragraph four ready for a peer review. 

Exciting stuff!


Mr. Reynolds

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