Thursday, February 12, 2015

Rounding the Bend with Synthesis!

Today, we worked through a list of guidelines for writing, and began to revise our synthesis essays. Here is the list of 13 Writing Rules to keep in mind as you type and revise your paragraphs tonight. 

Be sure to do as much revision as you can--but rest assured that you will be able to keep revising after this first final draft comes in.

Also, be sure to staple any rough draft work you've done throughout the process of writing our synthesis essays. Remember that I LOVE seeing the journey you've gone through to get the product you staple on top. It's not just about the finished end result with writing; it's also about showing what you've come through, the ways you've revising, and what you've learned that counts.

I am looking forward to seeing your typed first final drafts tomorrow. And we'll have some fun before you leave for February break!


Mr. R

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