Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Let's Shoot Some Webs and Aim for the Heart

I had a blast with you all today. We're into The Absolute Value of Mike, and we discussed how Mike so badly wants his Dad to love him as he is, and to be proud of him for who Mike really is, rather than who his dad wants him to be. Sometimes, characters (including ourselves) struggle with the expectations of other people, and right now, Mike is squarely in this situation.

After creating a top-down web for MIKE'S JOURNEY, we began reading Chapter 2 in our reading pairs. You each paired up with a partner whom Mr. R lovingly chose, and you alternated reading aloud page-by-page. We encountered that hilarious scene in which Moo think Mike is asking for UNDERWEAR instead of DVDs!

Here is the web we created for Mike's Journey.

Our word for the day was SKEW, which is a verb. Skew means to turn away from; to veer off course. And example of a line would be: Whenever I take our tiny dog for a walk, she skews from the path any chance she gets in order to chase after squirrels

Tomorrow, we have a vocabulary quiz on the following five words: Inference, Recede, Flourish, Sputter, and Skew. As always, it will be a highly creative quiz! Look back through our blog posts for a refresher on the words, or to see them in example lines.

Have a fabulous evening!

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