Thursday, October 2, 2014

From Object to Idea

Over the past two days, we have explored symbolism in a deeper way. Authors use symbols as a way to portray powerful ideas through objects, events, and actions.

Yesterday, you each used word associations and emotions to map out what comes to mind when you saw various images--from the American flag to an apple to a gun to a rainbow. Each of these images brought up many similar emotions and associations among you all, however we saw key differences and unique connections as well.

Symbols can mean different things to different viewers and readers, and authors work hard to craft symbols that help to support and enhance both the impact and the interest of their stories. In your second drafts of your short stories, you can try to do the same!

We explored the short story  "There Will Come Soft Rains" by Ray Bradbury and applied what we've learned about symbolism.

Our word for the day yesterday was recede, which means to decrease, or to move away. When my brothers and I build sand castles on the beach, we wait for the water to recede before we start.

Our word for the day from today was flourish, which means to grow well, or to thrive. This year, I hope you each flourish as writers in Rm. 340!

Remember to continue reading 10 pages or more in your independent reading books each evening, AND ENJOY YOUR BOOK.

I hope to get your first drafts of your short stories back your way next week with loads of lovely and riveting revisions so that you can dive in to draft number two! Remember that good writing is like good living: it takes lots of learning and revision along the way. Three cheers for revision!

And next Monday, we will all start our first class novel, The Absolute Value of Mike, by Kathryn Erskine.

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