Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The Power of Writing

We are in the midst of Frederick Douglass' powerful Narrative, and we are exploring the ways in which people spoke out against slavery, seeking to abolish what Douglass calls a system of "depravity."

Our discussions have been energetic and engaging, and I have appreciated all of your wonderful comments about the book thus far.

Today, we screened a documentary created by PBS and narrated by Henry Louis Gates, Jr. which explores slavery in America from 1780 - 1860, the time period during which Douglass writes. The power of his Narrative and its impact on the national scale is huge. Learning to read and write, for Douglass, was a way to help abolish slavery and change the country.

For tonight, be sure that you have read through Chapter 6 in the book. Our word of the day today was DEPRAVITY, which means a state of deep corruption or evil. Douglass refers to slave-owners as being in "depravity."

Douglass, in his book and in his speeches, revealed the power of writing and speaking to change the world.


Mr. R

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