Monday, May 16, 2016

Shirt Tags and Modern Day Slavery...

After our Poster Project last week, we learned a lot about slavery in its historical context, but also about modern day slavery. Your posters taught me and each other very much.

Today, we talked briefly about our class anthology. If you would like to submit artwork or photographs to be included, be sure to get them in by this coming Friday. Every piece will be included somewhere in the book, and we will vote (anonymously) on the front and back covers.

Today, we played a few rounds of YES, NO, MAYBE SO to respond to controversial statements about slavery--both historical, as Frederick Douglass describes it, and modern day slavery. One of the statements was, "American culture / consumerism contributes to modern day slavery." You had powerful and insightful comments to share, and many classes checked the tags on your clothing to see where it was made and comment on labor laws and working standards and conditions, as well as to talk about how money is linked to slavery.

Thank you for sharing your ideas and comments today.

Then, we read aloud beginning with Chapter 8 in Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass.

Our word of the day was RAKISH, which means sleek, dashing, streamlined.

Much peace,

Mr. R

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