Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Literature to Life with Tableau

Today, we are exploring the ways in which character sin novel see themselves and how they connect with and communicate with others. As an inception point, we are watching social psychologist Amy Cuddy's fabulous talk on nonverbal communication.

How do the ways in which we carry ourselves, the poses we use, and other forms of body language reveal who we are and how we think of ourselves?

After watching and then discussing Amy Cuddy's talk, we then break up into small groups or via a solo endeavor, we are creating a tableau to demonstrate how a character in the novel shows him or herself.

It is great fun to guess which character we are impersonating, and it's been fascinating to think of ourselves in this light, too.

Our word of the day for today is TRANSFORMATION, which is a noun that means a thorough or dramatic change in form or appearance...and consider this: an epiphany can lead to transformation! :)


Mr. R

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