Thursday, November 5, 2015

A Quick Review for our Creative Vocab Quiz Tomorrow!

Our post below explored the in-class activity we did with the iPads today, but bear with me for one more post in order to do a quick review for our creative vocabulary quiz tomorrow:

The five words we worked with this week are:

EPIPHANY (NOUN: huge moment of insight that is life-transforming)

SAUNTER (VERB: to walk leisurely or stroll)

INITIATIVE (NOUN: a first step)

INTRINSIC (ADJECTIVE: coming from the inside; a deep part of oneself)

OUTLIER (NOUN: a value far from the average--could be a person, a place, or a thing that is far away from most others in terms of life or actions or purpose)

And here is a single sentence with all five words:

As Jonathan walked to school one morning, he had an epiphany: it was time to let the intrinsic desire of his heart come out so that he could be the kind of outlier he always wanted to be; he would take initiative today, saunter into the the teacher's Homeroom and ask for help to finish writing his novel.


Mr. R

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