Thursday, April 16, 2015

Little Man, Standing Big...

Today, we finished up Chapter 1 in Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry and we watched as Little Man stood tall against Miss Crocker. In your reading pairs, you responded to why Little Man is so upset about the textbooks Great Faith Elementary School is given (those in terrible condition, after the white white schools are done using them).

We are beginning to see the world through Little Man's six-year old eyes, and to him it makes very little sense why some students should be afforded certain rights, while others are not simply because of skin color.

Our word of the day today was TRAVERSE, which is a verb that means to cross, as in We traversed the swamp and managed to find the lost giraffe. 

Tomorrow, we have our Vocab quiz on the following five words: Transpire, Concession, Dubious, Inception, and Relentless.

Have an awesome evening!

Mr. R

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