Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Anthology Project: Charities and Covers

Today, we'll explore two other facets of our classroom anthology: the charity to which we'd like to donate the proceeds, and the cover design that moves and engages us.

First, to begin to explore some possible organizations to which we could donate finds, do some searches on the website CHARITY NAVIGATOR. This website lists any organization which operates as a non-profit charity, and looks at how the organization spends money, what its mission is, and what it accomplishes.

As you look at charities, open up a blank document, and find one charity that you really think would be a good cause to support. Write the name of that charity, and then list three reasons why you want to support this cause.

Now, keep your document open, but switch to explore possible book cover designs. Use this link, at BARNES AND NOBLE, to explore possible cover designs for previously published anthologies. When you reach the bottom of the page, click "next" to explore more cover designs. After you've seen many, choose one that you really love, then copy and paste that image onto your document. Then, list three reasons this particular cover design sticks out to you, and why you think it works.

Before leaving the library, save your document as LASTNAME_AnthologyIdeas, and be sure to e-mail or share it with Mr. Reynolds.

Thanks--and I am very excited to see what inspires and engages you!

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