Thursday, August 28, 2014

Speaking with Confidence

I had so much fun with you all in class today. You each did an incredible job interviewing your partner and making eye contact during the entire conversation even though it felt incredibly awkward, weird, and uncomfortable. We talked about how maintaining eye contact lets the speaker know you are engaged and interested, and using eye contact when YOU are the speaker lets the listener know that you have confidence in what you're saying.

Watching you come to the front of the room in pairs to present your partner and share some information about them was fabulous. You jumped into our game for today, "In the Manner of the Word," and many of you acted out adverbs for the crazy scenes we gave you.

We discussed how your acting scenes SHOW us rather than TELL us what your hidden adverb was, and this is what good writing is all about! We focused on the idea that all good writing shows rather than tells.

Our word of the day was elude, which means to avoid or escape.

Our quote of the day was, "Dwell in possibility" from poet Emily Dickinson.

Our homework for Tuesday is to bring in all of your work for The Outsiders, which you read over the summer.

Have an awesome four-day weekend, and see you all on Tuesday.

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  1. Hi Mr. Reynolds
    I was wondering whether we have to add the subtitle in our cover page under the title?