Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Anthology Time!

Over the past few days, we have begun work on this year's class anthology, whereby you will be real authors! Here is the overview to the mission. 

We have explored creating a character, a setting, and various kinds of conflicts. We have also tried our hands at a new form of poetry--channeling William Shakespeare and WB Yeats to take a crack at writing iambic pentameter!

We heard a story about love and read the poem "When You Are Old" and then we each had the chance to try writing our own poems in iambic pentameter.

And today, our class became a roomful of authors! I love the sound of so many keyboard clacking, prose and poems flashing, epiphanies splashing, characters snapping, and ideas flapping. YES!

We will have two more days to write our full original drafts for the anthology, and thhen we will revise and edit them.


Mr. R

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