Tuesday, March 29, 2016

4 Types of Conflict...but None About an Anthology!

Today, we explored the 4 types of conflict that we find in stories. Some authors choose to focus on just one type for their stories and novels, and others choose to incorporate more than one--sometimes even all four! Remember that conflict drives a story; it helps to keep the reader engaged and keeps the plot moving forward.

Here are the notes from today (thank you Ms. Shelton for writing them down for us!):

Our word for the day today was QUELL, which means to stop by using force. For example, an antagonist in a novel may try to quell the resistance from the protagonist (sound like a familiar plot?)

Subsequently, we passed out the anthology book from last year's 7th grade and had some time to explore and see what students wrote about last year for the book.

Hopefully, the juices and the inspiration are both flowing and soon you'll be creating your very own creative piece for this year's anthology. Rock on!


Mr. Reynolds

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