Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Literature Alive, Solipsism, and Into the Iceberg...

On Monday of this week, we acted out a powerful scene from Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry. We watched as Lillian-Jean confronted Cassie with a tragic display of racism, and we watched Cassie fight back. However, as we discussed, Big Ma wad forced by sheer threat of the growing crowd, to make Cassie do what Mr. Simms asked and apologize to his white daughter.

You all brought this scene to life in such a vivid way, which really enhanced our class discussion of the scene. Thank you!

On Tuesday, we worked on a close reading activity in which Mama explains to Cassie the roots of racism in slavery, and helps Cassie to see that people who "need to make themselves feel big" (like Mr. Simms) are actually the least courageous, least strong people in the world.

Today, we debated--and dug deep into the iceberg--the nature of the solipsism that both Lillian-Jean and T.J. seem to display. It is different? Do they each have different reasons for why they act the way they do, and are one person's reasons more effective and understanding than another's?

Our words of the day for this week, so far, are: DORMANT, DIVERSITY, and SOLIPSISM.

See you tomorrow, and remember to read Chapter 8 in Roll for Monday!


Mr. R

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