Monday, December 8, 2014

Symbolizing a Character...

Today, we read aloud in pairs from our novel, Nothing but the Truth, and then created artistic symbols to represent a character of our choice from the novel. From the fiery talk show host, Jake Barlow, to the quiet, confused Miss Narwin, each pair chose a character and crafted a symbol that would represent that character. Then, you explored the novel to find three supporting quotes that reflect your choice of symbol.

To push us further, how can symbols work to both show who people are, but also to hide who people are? In other words, does one symbol ever really characterize who we are as people? Are there times when one symbol would fully define us, but then we change, grow, and learn, and that symbol no longer applies?

Powerful stories show us how characters change--and show us, too, how we can change. While symbols can reveal parts of ourselves--and parts of the characters about whom we read--they never reveal the full picture, since we are always growing and learning!

For tonight, be sure to read up to the start of Chapter 16 in Nothing but the Truth.

Our word for the day was diversity, which means the state of being different and varied. An example of the word in a line is this: What makes life both beautiful and fascinating (and sometimes challenging) is that we all bring a diversity of perspectives to events and ideas.

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  1. I think people hold on to what they know is true in the middle of difficulties by finding anchors, like a sport or hobby that helps them clear their mind or remind themselves of their true purpose or the truth or what they believe in.
    Liza Toll